Sukhoy Log Refractory Works has celebrated the Day of Metallurgist

Sukhoy Log Refractory Works OJSC has celebrated the professional holiday Day of Metallurgist.

The event dedicated to the presentation of awards and honorary titles to members of six labour dynasties has been held on July 12, 2016 at the Plant Museum. Due to outstanding services to the Company the names of 7 employees and distinguished retirees have been entered in Book of Honour. For excellent results 24 employees of the site were entered on the Board of Honour. As never before 32 young employees were solemnly admitted to the team of refractory workers this year.

It has been arranged a celebration in honour of the best employees at the plant recreation department Berezhok on July 15th. More than 130 employees have received government awards as well as honorary certificates and letters of thanks of different levels for their good work and important contribution to the development of production. 5 persons were conferred upon the honorary title “Veteran of Work”.

We heartily congratulate all the employees of Company with their professional holiday Day of Metallurgist. We wish you and your family happiness, peace and good spirit!