Mastering of Production of High-Alumina Refractory Products

Sukhoy Log Refractory Works OJSC has announced of serial production starting of high-alumina refractory items since January 2017. Manufacture of MKRS-45 and MLS-62 new products has been mastered in accordance with GOST 24704-2015. The high-alumina refractory products are used for lining of steel teeming ladles, tundish ladles and ladle cars, furnace roofs, air heaters of reheating furnaces and other thermal aggregates with operating temperature more than 1300 oC. You can become familiar with the product specifications here

We have mastered also the manufacture of heat-insulating mullite product MLT-1,3 with apparent density not more than 1,3 g/cm3 according to GOST 5040-2015 and recommended application temperature 1550 oC. You can become familiar with specifications of the insulating products here.