Insulating Covers as a New Type of Production

Morgan Thermal Ceramics Sukhoy Log LLC has developed and implemented the technology of insulating cover manufactured by the following brands: TMC, TMC-C1 and TMC-C2.

The insulating covers are the multipurpose products consisting of fibre cloth impregnated with silicone impregnation and filler of ceramic fibre CerablanketTM. The product is intended for protection of hot and cold sections of pipe lines of municipal services, heat stations, state district power stations, industrial pipelines of chemical and petrochemical industries; for manufacturing of heat-insulated enclosures for special kinds of equipment (heat exchangers, reactors, devices, tanks, etc.) with an application temperature from minus 60°C up to 350°C.

The manufacture of insulating covers is performed individually according to the form and dimensions of the equipment in accordance with STO 05802307-1-017-2016.

You can familiarize yourself here with the detailed description and specifications of the products here.