Product Quality

In the international community a reliable supplier is the company having the Quality Management System (QMS) certified by the authoritative international certification center.

In this connection the Quality Management System has been developed and implemented by Sukhoy Log Refractory Works OJSC functioning and providing the manufacture and delivery of products that meet the standard documentation requirements and reasonable demands of our customers. In December 2007 a certification audit on conformance with the QMS in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001 was conducted successfully by the international certification center TUV CERT (Germany, Hamburg). The annual TUV CERT audits have confirmed the effectiveness of the QMS of the Company.

Our Quality Management System is a set of documented procedures of the operational structure, responsibilities, processes and resources to ensure implementation of a total quality management in the production of refractory materials.

The quality of the products manufactured by Sukhoy Log Refractory Works OJSC is provided by the various kinds of control carried out within a manufacturing method as follows:

  • The incoming inspection of raw materials and incoming materials carried out by the quality inspectors and laboratory assistants to verify the quality of incoming raw materials and choice of the reliable suppliers;
  • The industrial inspection of the implementation of technological processes and quality of products fulfilled by the inspectors, laboratory assistants and technological workers by daily inspection intervals according to the operational procedure requirements to confirm compliance with the production technology and a semi-finished product quality to the specified requirements;
  • The acceptance tests of the finished products carried out by the Quality Control Service (QCS) in order to verify the quality of products compliance with requirements of standard documentation;
  • A Quality Control Service’s  round performed weekly by the chief of the QCS and a representative of the unit to be audited in order to identify discrepancies with further discussion and implementation of corrective actions for revealed discrepancies at the quality operational meeting;
  • The periodical inspection performed once a month by the Commission consisting of the heads of sections and leading specialists in order to inspect the accuracy of adherence to operational procedures and standard documentation in the process of warehousing and storage of raw products, materials and finished products including quality of stowage, packaging and marking.

The testing of raw materials and products are performed in the certified testing laboratory well instrumented with modern equipment, Accreditation Certificate No. ROSS RU.0001.22CHS48.


TUV NORD Certificate (in Russian)

Accreditation Certificate (in Russian)