Engineering Department

Our company can develop and deliver products, solutions and services tailored for a customer’s individual needs. The specialists of our Engineering Department (ED) have an extensive experience and work in a permanent contact with customers.

We can offer solutions for

- Steel Industry

- Reheat Furnaces

- Foundries

- Petrochemical

- Cement Industry

- Power Plant and Incinerators

- Bricks and Heavyclay

Engineering Department hold themselves ready to give full support in solving of different kind of technical problems occurred when replacing dense lining for ceramic fiber one, can calculate the cost efficiency relining in particular thermal unit and to perform the thermal calculations as well.

The tasks being performed as follows by our specialists:

- elaboration of technical and commercial proposals;

- calculation of the amount of materials required;

- heat engineering calculations;

- drafting and replacement of the thermal unit existed;

- lining designs;

- calculation of the cost efficiency after the new material implementation and its payback period;

- consulting during the installation at the customer’s site;

- technical marketing.


Examples of work performed: