Our History

Sukhoy Log Refractory Works OJSC was established on March 27, 1932. The site had several stages of technical re-equipment within eighty five years of its history. Instead of old workshops the new ones were built, new technologies were introduced; production of resource- and energy-saving refractory products was expanded having a priority importance in the economy of the site at the moment. The production of unshaped refractory products was developed as well. 

Sukhoy Log Refractory Works OJSC is one of the main manufacturers of energy-saving refractory products of new generation such as lightweight and heat-insulating refractory products in Russia. At the same time it proceeds with output of chamotte and general-purpose refractory products, complicated and extra complicated shaped refractories according to customer's drawings, refractory concrete products SHBV-51A and SHBV-51B, refractory fillers, refractory powders based on ground fireclay and dry refractory castable mixtures.

The customers of Sukhoy Log Refractory Works OJSC products are more than 2000 entities of Russia, CIS countries and foreign countries in a variety of industries as follows: metallurgy, mechanical engineering, construction materials industry, power engineering and petrochemical industry. Among the largest customers we can name the following companies: Sayanogorsk aluminum smelter plant, Krasnoyarsk aluminium smelter plant, Taganrog metallurgical plant, Seversky pipe plant, NTMK, MMK, NLMK, Severstal, Mechel, Mittal Steel and others.

The joint venture Morgan Thermal Ceramics Sukhoy Log LLC was established on the basis of Sukhoy Log Refractory Works OJSC on January 15, 2005 for production of heat-insulating materials and products manufactured from ceramic fibre (silica-mullite composition).

Currently Sukhoy Log Refractory Works OJSC is engaged in technical upgrading and development of refractory dry mixes production. In the first place this upgrading is directed to the substitution of imported materials and products used by the Russian customers for domestic production.  As a result of implementation of the projects our Company continues the production output complying with international standards.